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Q&A (Frequently Asked Questions)


If there is availability you can ride without a reservation, but online reservations are given priority.


Advance payment or on-site payment OK

In addition to cash, most credit card QR codes are supported.

*Please refer to the list of brands that accept payment at the bottom.

Price and details

​A 60-minute or more sightseeing bus experience + all-you-can-drink including alcohol + all-you-can-eat snacks and light meals for free!

*Some party menus are subject to charges

Seats and toilets

*You will not be able to use the toilets, so please do so at the boarding area.

*Most of the tables are for four people. Guests must wear seat belts, but you can enjoy a comfortable party experience.

photo shoot

If you ask the cute animals on the bus, you might be able to take some amazing photos with them?

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